Meet Keith Allred

A fifth generation Idahoan, Keith grew up working summers on his Grandpa's cattle ranch.

The Allred Promise

With a five-year record for putting the interests of everyday Idahoans ahead of partisan and special interests, Keith promises a departure from politics as usual.



“I’m driven by the independent-minded pursuit of practical solutions that rise above special interest and partisan politics.” --Keith Allred, December 13, 2009

In 2004, Keith Allred founded The Common Interest, a citizen's group of over 1,600 Idahoans—Republicans, Democrats, and independents—who have succeeded in putting common sense solutions ahead of special interest and partisan politics in the Idaho legislature.  In announcing his run, Keith committed that when elected governor, he would govern as he has led The Common Interest.

The Common Interest does not endorse candidates, but Keith endorses The Common Interest as a way to govern on behalf of all citizens.